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1958' BMW Isetta

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Published 30 May 2023
Updated 16 June 2024

Information from the owner

Age: 66 years
Mileage: 32097 km
Displacement: 400 cc
Fuel: Petrol
Transmission: Manual

Seller's comments about 1958' BMW Isetta

The official Ferrari dealer - Ferrari Katowice presents the BMW Isetta 300
The prototype of the BMW Isetta was created by the Iso company. Production of the first Iso Isetta models began in 1953. In 1954, BMW saw the Isetta and decided to buy it back
license to produce this model under its own brand.
At the beginning of 1956, after the abolition of the regulations allowing driving
cars with engine capacity over 250 cm³ by persons with motorcycles
driver's license, the offer was extended to the BMW 300, proposing a four-stroke
single-cylinder engine with a capacity of 298 cm³ and a power of 12 hp.
Production of the BMW Isetta 250 and 300 ended in 1962.
A total of 161,728 copies were sold.
Year of production: 1958
Power: 12 HP
Displacement: 298 cm³
Transmission: 4-speed
Drive: on the rear wheels
Fuel Type: Gasoline
Maximum speed: 85 km/h
Ferrari Katowice is the only official importer and dealer of Ferrari cars in Poland, which includes a showroom with new and used Ferrari cars, as well as an authorized service center with a professional crew. After years of efforts, the dealership was opened in May 2013 and thus became the showcase of the Pietrzak Group - a family business that has been known in the automotive world for over 20 years.

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