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1973' Citroen DS 21 Super 5 Pallas

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  • 1973 Citroen DS 21 Super 5 Pallas in Portugal
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Body: Sedan
Mileage: 59492 km
Displacement: 2175 cc
Transmission: Manual
Exterior color: Black

Citroën DS 21 Super 5 Pallas – July 1973

According to French motorsport ideologies, a vehicle should be driven with as little effort as possible. If there is a car that made this clear, it was the Citroën DS. Presented to the world in 1955 at the Paris Motor Show, it remains today as the most innovative car ever conceived, with the greatest number of technologies and innovations introduced at once.

This array of innovations included things like a variable-height hydropneumatic suspension that allowed the driver to raise or lower the body so that he could better navigate obstacles or more difficult terrain. It was also this technology that gave this Citroën unparalleled comfort. This is arguably one of the – if not the – most comfortable car in the world, even considering Rolls Royce’s and Bentley’s.

The DS was also a pioneer in the introduction of other technologies such as the famous directional headlights that accompanied changes in direction, especially useful on winding mountain roads, or the ability to get around with just 3 wheels on the ground. This feature was particularly useful in the event of having a hole and not being able to switch to the spare wheel.

For all these reasons, and for several other reasons, the “Boca de Sapo”, as it is affectionately called in Portugal, is, and will forever be, without a doubt, a very important icon in the history of the automobile industry.

The example we have here is a DS21 Super 5 Pallas. In other words, a better version of the DS with a 5-speed manual transmission, and with several improvements and added amenities. In particular, we are talking about improved sound insulation, more luxurious interiors and various exterior beautifications. Since the DS name itself is a play on the word “Goddess” in French (Déesse), the “Pallas” version used the name of the Greek Goddess Palas Athena to essentially christen this improved version as “Goddess Pallas”.

It is configured in black on gray velvet and is in an excellent state of conservation and originality, with all its features working in perfect conditions.

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