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1972' Datsun 240Z

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  • 1972 Datsun 240Z in Austria
  • 1972 Datsun 240Z in Austria - 2
  • 1972 Datsun 240Z in Austria - 3
  • 1972 Datsun 240Z in Austria - 4
  • 1972 Datsun 240Z in Austria - 5
  • 1972 Datsun 240Z in Austria - 6
Electronics: AM/FM Radio

Datsun 240z was introduced 50 years ago, and this anniversary makes the model even more attractive. I offer a fully renovated Datsun 240z from 1972 for sale. The base car was in good condiition, few deep bodyworks were needed. With full attention to details, it was restored part by part. Body was cleared down to metal and full chassis and cavity protection was applied, I might say the paint looks better than it used to look 50 years ago. Undercarriage, engine, shift-gears and differentials are renewed, rebuilt up to the last screw. Car is provided with European lights and instrument panel, original radio and perfect bumpers. We aimed to remain as close to original specification as possible, to be able to certify as old timer in any country of the world. Original wheels, design and the iconic shape sparks the 70’ fewer.
Currently it has American documents (even original warranty card), all tax and duties are paid. It is ready to get certified anywhere in Europe, even with FIVA certification.