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1957' Mercedes-Benz 220 S

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Published 7 November 2023
Updated 17 May 2024
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Information from the owner

Body: Convertible
Age: 67 years
Displacement: 2195 cc
Transmission: Manual
Exterior color: Blue

Seller's comments about 1957' Mercedes-Benz 220 S

The 220 S model, produced between 1956 and 1960, is a classic representative of the sporty Mercedes-Benz vehicle. It is an S-class car, this letter indicated the sporty character of the vehicle. This car was produced in both coupe and convertible versions.
The Mercedes-Benz W180 220 S convertible prototype was presented at the International Automobile Exhibition in Frankfurt in September 1955. However, this prototype was not put into production. Its silhouette was awkward, and only after increasing the wheelbase to 2,700 mm and reducing the length did the car become a harmonious and elegant structure, which was a condition for entering mass production.
The open version of the 220 S was the first Mercedes-Benz convertible with a monocoque structure. This structure required strengthening the lower part of the body to ensure it was resistant to warping. To reduce the weight of the wide doors, they were made of aluminum and covered with steel sheet.
A total of 3,429 units of this car model were produced in both body versions, including 2,178 convertibles. In 1957, only 345 220 S convertibles were produced.
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Technical data:
Mercedes-Benz W180 model 220 S
Year of production: 1957
Body type: 2-door convertible
Number of places: 5
Chassis number: 1800307503086
Engine: 6-cylinder in-line
Engine capacity: 2195 cm3
Power: 73 KW / 100 HP
The vehicle was rebuilt with attention to every detail. All body, chassis, suspension and power unit components were rebuilt or replaced with new ones in accordance with all Mercedes-Benz standards.
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