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1958' Mercedes-Benz Sl Class

1958' Mercedes-Benz Sl Class photo #1
1958' Mercedes-Benz Sl Class photo #2
1958' Mercedes-Benz Sl Class photo #3
1958' Mercedes-Benz Sl Class photo #4
1958' Mercedes-Benz Sl Class photo #5
1958' Mercedes-Benz Sl Class photo #6
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Age: 66 years
Exterior color: Beige

“Isn’t she a beauty? The Mercedes-Benz 190 SL is a feast for the eyes in any version and colour scheme. However, in this colour scheme, it is an exquisite car of extraordinary class. The ‘almandine red’ exterior is complemented by a cream-colored interior, giving this 190 SL a fresh appearance even 62 years after its first registration. The car has been registered with Dutch license plates since 2000 and was extensively overhauled and restored in recent years. The work was carried out by a renowned Mercedes-Benz specialist and was thoroughly documented. You can immediately see all this effort it in the car’s appearance. The red paint is in excellent condition and was very well applied during the restoration. The bodywork is in top condition with beautifully sheet metal and correct alignment. The chrome and hubcaps are exactly as they should be and look stunning. The interior was reupholstered once and looks magnificent. The carpets are in a beautiful light brown color, forming a stunning compliment together with the beige leather. The high-quality execution of the upholstery work is immediately noticeable at first glance. The leather has aged nicely and developed a beautiful patina. The rest of the interior is equally exquisite. The controls and instruments all look impeccable and function perfectly. The technology is also flawless. When you open the engine compartment, it feels like you’re taking a trip back to 1962 when the car was new. The ignition, the pipes, the engine block, everything looks like the car just rolled off the assembly line. It will come as no surprise that driving this 190 SL is an absolute joy. While this 190 SL may be approaching retirement age, it is fitter than many in their thirties. The engine runs perfectly, the clutch and gearbox are smooth to operate, adding to the driving pleasure. The suspension of the 190 SL is perfectly sprung and damped thanks to the frequent use of new parts and greatly contributes to its modern driving behavior. In short, a fantastic Mercedes-Benz 190 SL in beautifully restored and revised condition.”

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