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1965' MINI Bmc Morris 850 Saloon

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  • 1965 MINI Bmc Morris 850 Saloon in Sweden
  • 1965 MINI Bmc Morris 850 Saloon in Sweden - 2
  • 1965 MINI Bmc Morris 850 Saloon in Sweden - 3

This Morris was sold new in Sweden in April 1965. The first owner drove it 50000km, and sold it in 1972 to a neighbour. The new owner, family friends of ours, only used it as a second car/ whifes car. This lady was born in 1929, and drove the car very little. He brother, a car mechanic sprayed the chassie, inside of doors etc with oil several times to prevent rust.The last time the car was out on the road was in 1989. The lady had then added 20000km, so the total km today is exactly 70209km (43625 miles). The car then stayed in their dry heated garage for another 28 years, but not just parked. Her brother, the mechanic, made sure the car was always in driveable condition, and so it still is. The right frontfender has once been repainted due to a scratch, and at the same time the area around the grill was painted to get rid of some "stone-shoots". The rest of the car is very nice original factory paint. Last time the car had technical inspection was in May 1989, and in September that year it was used the last time. The car is a bit of a time capsule, absolutely solid. Interior is in a wonderful original condition. Now it has been resting for 30 years. Will you be the one to take it out on the road again? If you wish to see it live, it is located about 200km south of Stockholm.

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  • Sweden
  • 16 May 2020