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1955' Plymouth Belvedere

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Published 23 September 2022ID: lpaTBX
1 year, 8 months ago

Information from the owner

Body: Coupe
Age: 67 years
Mileage: 89763 km
Transmission: Automatic
Exterior color: Black

Seller's comments about 1955' Plymouth Belvedere

A sleek two-tone, pillar-less hardtop profile, and distinct V8 power headline this 1955 Plymouth Belvedere. So if youre looking to be distinct, even in a crowd full of other Mopars, you know this is the right classic cruiser to take home. The design of the 55 Plymouth ushered in a new era of style. Dramatic lines, a rounded roof, and well-done tailfins brought plenty of the premium Chrysler 300s style into the Plymouth brand. The black and white two-tone is a timeless color combo. But the gloss this one gives off signals an investment in a more modern application. And this range-topping Belvedere really knew how to separate the two colors with unique trim lines that highlighted the sporty coupe and pillar-less hardtop profile. Speaking of this trim, you can tell there is the right mix of care and investment over the years to deliver a complete and shining total package, right down to the smooth wraparound bumpers. And everything from the rear fender skirts to the downturns on the dual exhaust tips gives this the right look for a terrific classic cruiser. Just like the exterior, the interior captures the eras style nicely. The black returns as a base and now its joined by a bold red. This has the right mix of originality and investment so that you get a vintage style but fresher in the right places. Thats why the wide bench seats are comfortable, they nicely integrated seatbelts, the headliner is taut, the carpeting is fresh, and the gauges have the clean look of being refreshed during the restoration. Youll slip behind the classic Plymouth steering wheel, and as a true classic cruiser, youll love how they really kept an eye on style - right down to the way the gear lever is set inside the dash. Another thing that makes the 1955 Plymouths so special was it debuted the Hy-Fire V8 engine. It was a series exclusive to Plymouth for nearly its whole life. It makes this motor another one of those nice features when you want to show off something that no one else has. And this one really has a true vintage style, right down to details, like the unique intake, Mopar generator, and the oil bath air cleaner with callouts for the Hy-Fire power. The motor fires up nicely with the feeling of a well-respected classic. And the two-speed automatic transmission and a nice ride combine to give you a great cruising coupe. This has the look you really want in a nostalgia-filled classic. So when you want a car that is genuine, premium, and likely the only one in your circle, you need this Plymouth. Call today!!!

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