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1977' Cadillac De Ville

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  • 1977 Cadillac De Ville in Georgia
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Kilometerstand: 36134 km
Getriebe: Automatisch

This 1977 Cadillac Coupe DeVille is has a terrific vintage style, and its especially impressive because of the full packages level of originality. So when you have such a well-coordinated look that also includes everting from an A/C interior to large V8 power, it reminds you exactly why you love these Caddies. The reason why this car has an instant attractiveness is its level of completeness. The big coupe doors still line up well with the with the body, and the plastic fender endcaps on the rear fenders continue to look clean and straight. Cadillac fans know details like this dont often survive all these years. So it shows that this has been a well-respected car. Theres proper brightwork with the sharply-pointed front bumper, form-fitting rear, delicate side trim, and turbine-style wheel covers. Its such a complete factory package that even the Seamist Green paint is suspected to be to be the factory application. Its no longer perfect after all these decades, but there is something quite alluring about a true lacquer finish. And the well-done white half-vinyl roof gives off the perfect tone of vintage elegance. The white vinyl roof not only looks great against the exteriors pastel green, but also it gets you ready for the white leather interior. The 1977 DeVille was the premiere year for a new idea. These were downsized from the previous generation to help fit into parking spaces and everyday life. But youd never know that from looking at the acres of room inside. The engineers utilized smarter designs to make this car roomier, and the presentation on this one remains far better preserved than a daily driver. Two rows of bench seats mean plenty of space for up to six people to spread out. But any time you want more individualized comfort, there are fold-down armrests in each row. In fact, there are front power seats so you and you passenger can easily find your own relaxed position. And the amenities dont stop there. Like any proper Cadillac, you get the best luxury features, including cruise control, tilt/telescopic steering column, power locks, power windows (drivers needs servicing), an AM/FM/8-Track stereo, and cold-blowing factory air conditioning. A Cadillac is a cool cruiser, and thats thanks to the right power. Under the hood is the monstrous 425 cubic-inch V8 motor that appears as honest as the day it left the Detroit factory. In fact, this really just continues this cars well-preserved look, right down to the bright blue block. But as you look closer, you can see they made the right investments in the fundamentals (wires, hoses, etc.) to keep it a strong-running powerhouse. Topped with a four-barrel carburetor, these are true torque kings that love to get up from the stoplights with confidence. So this classic Caddy still loves to hit the road. The cruising attitude is heightened by a smooth-shifting three-speed automatic transmission, supple suspension, power steering, and power brakes with discs up front. This is a well-documented car that includes the original window sticker, original warranty card, and owners manual. When a Cadillac survives as well as this one, the reputation for elegance only grows. Its time to pick up this proud long-haul cruiser while the price is still so affordable, call today!

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  • Georgia
  • 3 Mai 2021