Classic Volkswagens Brighten The Night For Twinkle Light Cruise 2021

2 Jahre, 5 Monate her - 22 Dezember 2021, motor1
Classic Volkswagens Brighten The Night For Twinkle Light Cruise 2021
'Tis the season to be blinky.

Ah, the holidays. For many families, there's a tradition of touring neighborhoods once the sun sets, taking in the sights (and occasionally sounds) of the season through all the decorated homes boasting fantastic light shows. But you're not reading Home1 here. This is Motor1 and you know what? Decorating cars for the holidays is special, too.

 For the last three years, Volkswagens old and new have literally lit up the streets in Hanover, Germany, in what's become an annual tradition called the Twinkle Light Cruise. This year, Volkswagen was on hand with some video equipment and captured the 2021 cruise for the world to see. Here's a pop quiz for all the VW enthusiasts out there – how many different VeeDub models can you identify in this 56-second video?

Vintage buses are certainly the star attraction, and there's certainly no missing the glorious T1 literally wrapped in lights from top to bottom. T2s and T3s are also visible, but while classics certainly took center stage, some modern vans make appearances as well. For that matter, we also see trucks, and you can't not have a classic VW cruise without the Beetle. We see a few examples amid the sea of vans, but regardless of the model, each one is properly decked out in lights.

The video description mentions the buses and Beetles but also calls out motorcycles and other vehicles that participated in the cruise through Hanover. Actually, parade could be a more accurate word here, as the slow-speed roll certainly drew a big crowd to watch the procession. The video says hundreds of vehicles participated, and from what we see in the short clip, it must've been quite a sight to see in person.

It may not be as dramatic as hitting 175 mph with a Christmas tree on the roof, but even hardcore car enthusiasts enjoy something mellow from time to time. Here's hoping next year's event is even bigger and brighter.

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