E30 BMW M3 Touring Replica Is The Best Way To Get The M3 Wagon You Can't Have

1 Jahr, 4 Monate her - 16 Februar 2023, Carbuzz
E30 BMW M3 Touring Replica Is The Best Way To Get The M3 Wagon You Can't Have
Currently for sale in the US, this replica has the looks and the performance to make a perfect daily driver.

The G81 BMW M3 Touring (station wagon) will not be making its way to America, but the next best thing is this Henna Red E30 325i Touring made to look like the first-gen M3 wagon that never was, currently for sale on Cars & Bids.

We've seen tuners and enthusiasts create wagon versions of the E9X-series M3, and there have been several E46 and F8X versions built too, but E30 M3 wagon builds are super rare. Not only are E30 M3s rare, but even regular E30 wagons are tough to find.

That's what makes this example, based on a 325i, very tempting.

While genuine E30 M3s were powered by a highly-strung 2.5-liter S14 four-cylinder engine, the E30 325i came with a 2.5-liter M20 six-cylinder engine. But that was not deemed exciting enough for something that looks like it was built by the famed M division, so the builder of this creation swapped in the highly tuneable 3.0-liter M54 straight-six from a European-market E46 330i ZHP, the last three characters referring to the Performance Package created by BMW Individual.

In addition, the car has been fitted with aftermarket headers, 17-inch wheels with five-hole E36 hubs, MTS Technik coilovers, E46 front brakes, E30 M3 seats, a Pioneer CD player head unit, and the obvious wide-body kit.

The car itself was imported to the US from Poland in October of last year, which is why it has a metric instrument cluster. This shows nearly 175,000 kilometers, or around 108,700 miles, on the odometer. Thankfully, it's already been registered here and has a New York title.

It's not perfect by any means; there are scratches on the wheels, stone chips on the bumpers, creases and cracks on the front seats, a crack in the dashboard, and dead pixels in the clock's display. The rear windows, sunroof, and central locking system are also non-functional.

But we think these factors make it more attractive, as you can drive the car daily without worrying about decimating a concours-quality build with road rash.

If you're interested, bidding ends on February 17. At the time of writing, the highest offer is $35,000.

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