One of a Kind 2009 Viper ACR Hurst Edition is Worth More Than Some Houses

1 Jahr, 5 Monate her - 18 Oktober 2021, autoevolution
One of a Kind 2009 Viper ACR Hurst Edition is Worth More Than Some Houses
MaxMotive is a Western Pennsylvania-based classic car dealer we’ve featured on a number of occasions. Most of the time, their bread and butter are fully restored or original condition classic American iron. Every now and then, though, they get a real gem from the modern era in the mix as well.

This is number five of the 50 ever made Hurst edition 2009 Dodge Viper is one heck of an uncut gem by that logic. Part of a collaboration with Hurst Performance and Chrysler, the Viper is one of several collaborations between the performance parts brand known for their quick-through shifters and American automakers.

Other notable examples being the Hurst-Oldsmobile 442 and Hurst AMC Rambler. Interestingly, this example is the only ACR edition of the Viper to receive a Hurst treatment. Such a special car deserves a paint job that’s unique to match, and the Viper Black coupe with Hurst gold LeMans stripes and matching gold-trimmed Hurst polished aluminum wheels definitely hits the spot in that department.

Various Hurst badges are present on the dashboard, wheels, trunk liner, and of course, that iconic rifle-bolt smooth gear stick. Under the hood, this Viper sports an unmodified version of the iconic 8.4-liter V10 engine that’s been the car’s flagship feature since day one. Good for 600 horsepower and enough torque to rip a hole in the fabric of space/time, the engine did start out its life in the Ram 2500 pickup truck as the 5.9 Magnum V8, and it shows.

The car did receive aero upgrades exclusive to the ACR package. Combined with the exclusivity of this limited edition, plus the paltry 1460 (2350 kilometers) on the odometer, this is one of the most desirable Vipers from any period in its 30-year history.

The cost for the privilege of owning it? Just under $300,000 before taxes and fees. That's a lot of money for what's essentially a late 2000s Chrysler product, but money well spent for the person who ends up taking it home.

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