This Divine 1964 BMW R50/2 Looks Seriously Rad Wearing Curvy Saddlebags

29 September 2021 - autoevolution

This Divine 1964 BMW R50/2 Looks Seriously Rad Wearing Curvy Saddlebags

Here’s your chance to bring an old-school jewel into your garage, but be prepared to spend a fair bit of cash on it.

There’s absolutely no shortage of juicy classics in BMW’s lineup, so most of us would find it impossible to pick a favorite model. If we narrow things down to the sixties, it’ll still be a tough decision to make, but the R50/2 would certainly be one of the names that come to mind. It may not be the most powerful entity produced by the House of Munich during this decade, but it did manage to find a special place in petrolheads’ hearts.

On that note, you ought to grab a seat and take a deep breath because what we’re about to tell you will probably make your day. The bike you’re seeing here is a 1964 variant of Bavaria’s R50/2 family, featuring numbers-matching componentry, a solo Denfeld saddle, and the sexiest pair of hard-sided panniers out there.

Additionally, the Beemer’s third (and current) owner replaced its ancient battery with a youthful substitute, while the twin-cylinder mill received an invigorating service to keep things running smoothly. As for the machine’s general characteristics, the ‘64 MY phenom is powered by a four-stroke 494cc boxer-twin engine, with two valves per cylinder and dual Bing carbs.

By producing a peak horsepower figure of 26 ponies at 5,800 rpm, the air-cooled fiend enables Motorrad’s head-turner to achieve a top speed of 87 mph (140 kph). In the suspension department, the R50/2 comes equipped with Earles forks and oil-pressure shock absorbers. Stopping power is taken good care of by a duplex drum brake at the front and a simplex unit on the opposite end.

The old-school beauty is going under the hammer at no reserve on Bring A Trailer, and you’ve got until Saturday (October 2) to submit your bids. However, you’ll have to dig fairly deep into your bank account if you intend to best the top bidder, as you’d need around 13,000 bucks to do so (for now).