This Guy Bought Elvis Presley's Custom Cadillac Wagon From Craigslist

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This Guy Bought Elvis Presley's Custom Cadillac Wagon From Craigslist
Elvis gave it a pink vinyl top and matching pinstripe on the body.

In addition to being The King of Rock n' Roll, Elvis Presley was a huge fan of cars. When it came time to haul his luggage and instruments to the airport, he made sure the trip happened in style in a 1974 Cadillac station wagon conversion. Years later, that vehicle turned up for sale on Craigslist. This video highlights the machine's current owner.

The Craigslist ad for this Cadillac only mentioned the connection to Elvis at the very end of the listing. Brian, the current owner, immediately wanted to check whether the claim was true. Sure enough, the seller had the original title showing that Presley registered the car.

Cadillac never offered a wagon in 1974 from the factory. However, buyers were able to purchase a donor vehicle and send it to the American Sunroof Company (ASC) for the conversion into an estate.

The base car is a Sedan de Ville. Unlike many four-door vehicles today, there's no B-pillar, so lowering all the windows creates a big opening in the side that looks quite stylish. The wagon portion appears to come from a Chevrolet Caprice estate because the vehicle has the disappearing tailgate and wraparound rear glass from this era of models.

The conversion also has a hump in the roof at around the point where the wagon body grafts onto the Cadillac sedan. There's a luggage rack, too. Presley specified a pink vinyl roof and a matching double pinstripe on the white body. He also put his trademark TCB and lightning bolt on the driver's door. This stood for "Taking Care of Business."

The running gear comes straight from the Sedan de Ville. That gives this car a 472 cubic inch (7.7-liter V8) making 205 horsepower, according to Hagerty, and a three-speed automatic.

It's easy to see why a rig like this would appeal to The King. The Cadillac wagon radiates style, especially with his pink personalizations, and has plenty of cargo space for hauling gear.

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