1961 Dodge Polara Convertible Isn’t the Average Barn Find, Super Rare

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1961 Dodge Polara Convertible
1961 Dodge Polara Convertible
The Polara nameplate was first introduced in 1960, with the assembly taking place exclusively at the Dodge Main Factory, Hamtramck, in Michigan.

Produced for just two years (in 1960 and 1961), this first-generation Polara was available in several body styles, including a 4-door sedan, wagon, hardtop, and hardtop station wagon, as well as a 2-door convertible and hardtop.

Dodge fitted the Polara with a choice of only two engines, namely a 361 (5.9-liter) V8 and a 383 (6.3-liter) V8.

Needless to say, the Polara wasn’t necessarily Dodge’s most successful model. In fact, the company’s sales fell significantly anyway, with estimates pointing to an over 50 percent decrease as compared to 1960.

This makes the Polara quite a rare thing these days. And yet, barn-finder ginadylan has recently come across a convertible, though we’re not being provided with any information regarding the place where this car has been stored.

But judging from the pics, it’s not difficult to figure out this Dodge has been struggling to pass the test of time. And in many ways, it actually failed it, as there’s obviously a lot of rust pretty much everywhere you look.

While some could believe this Polara would better fit a junkyard, the seller says the car is still restorable, with many good parts still there. For example, despite the dirt inside, all seats are still in place, and so is what’s likely the original steering wheel.

The car still comes with an engine, but it goes without saying you really shouldn’t expect it to work. In fact, there’s a very good chance it’s currently locked up from sitting, but a good mechanic should be able to figure out if it can still be saved with a quick inspection in person.

As for the price, this Polara isn’t necessarily an expensive project, though it’s not cheap either. The bidding starts at $2,500, with no reserve set in place.

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