1970 Dodge Coronet Barn Find Ran When Parked, Rust Repairs in Progress

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1970 Dodge Coronet
1970 Dodge Coronet
Dodge produced nearly 115,000 Coronets for the 1970 model year, but if you wanted something truly rare, you had to order the R/T version.

Only 2,615 units rolled off the assembly lines, as it was the last year when the R/T was produced. The Coronet 440 was the top choice, accounting for over 66,000 units.

The Super Bee, which also waved goodbye to the lineup, was a popular choice with 15,500 units, with almost the same output (15,697 cars) receiving the Coronet 500 treatment.

A 1970 Coronet described as a "barn find" landed on eBay earlier this week, hoping to find a new owner and receive a second chance. However, the car is a rough project, and while it looks doable, it still needs professional restoration skills to return to the road in the condition such a great classic deserves.

The Coronet rolled off the assembly lines with 318 under the hood, and the same V8 is still in the car today. It no longer starts, but the owner says it's not locked up. The 318 ran when parked, but the engine's condition is now as mysterious as possible.

The 318 developed 230 horsepower on the 1970 Coronet, and it was the base V8 choice. The car could also be had with a lazier 225 six-cylinder unit with 145 horsepower, though the delicious treats were the big blocks developing more power. For example, the 426 Hemi, still available in 1970, produced 425 horsepower, while the 440 Magnum 4-barrel (offered on the Coronet since 1967) was rated at 375 horsepower.

I won't comment too much on this car's condition, but it is worth knowing that the rust repairs have already started. A previous owner allegedly cut out the rusty areas, and the Coronet is now complete with a single exception. The rear bumper is missing, and while the windshield doesn't look good, the rest of the glass appears to be in a solid shape.

I'm not surprised this Coronet has rapidly caught the attention of many petrolheads, with the auction receiving 17 bids in just a few hours online. However, not only is the battle fierce, but the auction also comes with a reserve, meaning that the Internet must send higher bids to unlock it. The top offer today is $1,300, which is not enough to trigger the reserve.

The auction will end in approximately six days, and I'm certain more people will join, increasing the car's selling price. Seller disifer02 didn't share specifics on the reserve's value, but the selling price must be much higher than the current top bid, especially considering that a nearly complete Coronet isn't something you get to see every day, even in such a challenging shape. 

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