This 1985 BMW E30 3 Series Is Selling For Over $82k And It's Not An M3

hace 6 años, 7 meses - 24 octubre 2017, Carbuzz
This 1985 BMW E30 3 Series Is Selling For Over $82k And It's Not An M3
Was it once owned by someone famous? Nein.

It's nothing new to learn about an E30 generation BMW M3 selling for low six-figure range these days. Apparently, that phenomenon is now beginning to trickle down to less powerful but still in mint conditions E30s. BMW Blog first spotted this Euro-spec BMW E30 323i on eBay in Germany for an asking price of 69,900 Euros. Do the quick conversion and that's about $82,700. Why such a steep price? Well, when we said mint condition we weren't joking. This E30 has just 162 miles on its clock, meaning it's literally brand new but still 32 years old.

Heck, for that price you could buy a brand new M3, but that doesn't mean you should. Look, anyone just about anywhere can head to their local BMW dealership and buy said M3/M4. No problem. But neither one is special (at least not yet). This E30, on the other hand, is not something that comes up often, if ever. Just look at it. It's perfect. No dents. No scratches. Perfect engine. Spotless interior. It's like it never left some German dealership over three decades ago. Even the tires are original. Whoever originally bought it and never drove it must have gone nuts just starting at this thing for so long. We certainly would.

Powered by a brilliant six-cylinder engine with 150 hp and paired to a five-speed manual, chances are both are still functioning like new. At most, a slight tune up may be required, but the listing doesn't make this clear. But if you're interested, the eBay listing says the car is currently in Belgium. And know this: that 69,900 Euro figure is only the starting price; there's still six days left to place a bid, but as of this writing no bids have been made. 

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