Everybody Wants This Nassau Blue 1962 Chevy Impala, And It's No Wonder Why

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1962 Chevrolet Impala
1962 Chevrolet Impala
The convertible-style roof was the most notable styling update received by the Impala on the 1962 model year, with bigger changes happening in the engine department where the all-new 327 finally made its debut.

The 327 replaced the more powerful 283 versions, joining the Impala lineup with two configurations, 250 and 300 horsepower.

Chevrolet also dropped the almighty 348, which joined its full-size lineup in 1958 when the GM brand launched the Impala, making room for the 409 big block. It could be had with 380 or 409 horsepower.

The 1962 Impala in these photos has already received a major overhaul, so it now sports a rebuilt 327 with less than 200 miles on the clock since it returned to the road. The 327 is the 300-horsepower version and is paired with a TH350 automatic transmission.

The car also received an upgraded power steering system, new dual-cylinder brakes, a dual exhaust, a new gas tank, and a new 4-barrel carburetor. Everything is now in working shape, and the engine starts, runs, and drives without the need for any fixes.

This Impala still sports many original parts, including the exterior and the interior. The only change that happened in the cabin concerned the seats, which were redone in vinyl not long ago.

Otherwise, it's hard to find something that'd make diehard Impala fans walk away, and seller secondtono-30 posted a detailed list of what they've fixed on the car in their listing. The vehicle is ready for the road and doesn't require anything to be used as a daily driver.

The Nassau Blue paint (code 914) looks great, and the best part is that it's still the original finish sprayed by Chevrolet before the vehicle rolled off the assembly lines.

The odometer doesn't show an intriguing number, but considering the engine has already been rebuilt, it doesn't matter much. The car has 96K original miles on the clock.

The interest in this Impala has skyrocketed in the last few hours, mainly as the auction is approaching the end, and the reserve hasn't been triggered yet. The owner posted the car online last week, with the auction receiving over 50 bids. The highest offer is now $31,100, but given that the reserve is still in place, the car can't leave for a new home yet.

With one day left until the auction expires, I wouldn't be surprised to see this Impala failing to find a new owner. If this happens, I expect the car to land on eBay again in the coming weeks, meaning you could get extra time to inspect it in person before committing to a purchase. You can do this in Boise, Idaho, where this Impala is now parked and waiting for the end of the auction. 

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