This 1923 Ford Model T Costs Less Than You Probably Think

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This 1923 Ford Model T Costs Less Than You Probably Think
Cars have evolved massively over the last century. At first, they were extremely basic means of transportation or horseless carriages with absolutely zero safety and comfort.

Subsequently, they have become safer, better, friendlier to the environment, faster, and exceptionally better in every aspect, giving birth to numerous segments and reaching all four corners of the world.

Ask anyone about their favorite car, and they'll have different answers based on their lifestyles, incomes, needs, and hobbies. Ask any petrolhead what they'd get in a heartbeat, and they'll tell you there's no such thing as a perfect one. They'd need a comfortable daily, a fast and fun weekend ride, and a 4x4 for when the weather gets rough.

However, things used to be very different more than a century ago, when the automobile was at its beginnings. Don't believe us? Well, you should take a closer look at the pictured Ford Model T. But don't do that yet, as you should allow us to talk about it first. It is a 1923 car from a bygone era with an iconic design bound to turn more heads than the most expensive modern hypercar.

In this instance, Henry Ford's Baby comes with a black exterior, a matching foldable ragtop, wooden wheels, a pair of simple headlamps, a taillight, and a spare attached to the back end. Spartan is a big word when speaking about the cockpit, as it lacks almost everything one could think of, save for a bench, a pair of basic gauges, a steering wheel, pedals, and a few other things.

You won't find a monster under the hood, as this Model T hasn't been turned into a hot rod. Thus, it packs a 177 ci (2.9L) four-cylinder engine that is mated to a two-speed transmission deemed reliable by the vendor. The ad also states the obvious, which is that its future owner will "step back in time" by buying this old Ford, experiencing its "timeless charm and simplicity."

Now, since many Ford Model Ts have been turned into hot rods, boasting many modern amenities and punchy motors, one might think that these rides cost at least an arm and a leg. But you'd be wrong to say that about the pictured one, which is on the affordable side of the market.

Garage Kept Motors was asking $16,900 for it at the time of writing, and while it may need some TLC, it looks good enough to be parked in the garage and admired for generations to come. After all, this is a conversation starter and not the kind of ride you'd want to drive on weekends. And if you plan to buy it, please don't turn it into a hot rod. So, would you make it yours? 

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