Amazing Barn Find Has Rare Talbot, Delahaye Models In Huge Collection

il y a 2 années - 22 Juin 2022, motor1
Amazing Barn Find Has Rare Talbot, Delahaye Models In Huge Collection
A lot of French classics and one Spanish coupe from the 1920s are ready for a new home.

Barn finds will always be cool. The idea of seeing classic cars preserved by time is always refreshing, especially if the cars in question have already made their mark in history.

 But one particular collection in France features a massive group of classic cars in attendance. The Pierre Heron collection, which was created between 1965 and 1973, comes with a number of French classics cars and one Spanish coupe that dates back to the 1920s. Heron, a French engineer, is said to have acquired a love for automobiles when he was 14 after visiting the Paris Motor Show for the first time. The video atop this page provides a tour through the amazing barn find.

Among the classics in attendance, the rarest (and probably most expensive) is the 1954 Talbot Lago T26 GSL. Bearing chassis number 111007, only 15 Talbot Lago T26 GSL coupes were ever made and this example is one of them.

There are several Delahaye models found in the collection as well. One of them, chassis number 800833, is the 1948 Delahaye 135 M Cabriolet "El Glaoui" par Figoni & Falaschi, which is one of the 18 convertibles ever built.

The 1928 Hispano-Suiza Type 49 Coach is the only non-French vehicle of the bunch. A completely Spanish-built coupe, this chassis number 8013 is still completely original and hasn't gone into any process of restoration.

Unlike the ultra-rare Delahaye 135 Competition that was auctioned for millions back in 2018, the classic cars here don't ask for too much if you're interested in purchasing one. The asking prices were relatively low (the most expensive ones ceiling at 200,000 euros or around $210,000) since they're in "barn find condition" and require extensive restoration before they can hit the road on their own.

That said, 24 of this massive Pierre Heron collection will hit the Artcurial auction block in July 2022 under Le Mans 2022, from lot 101 to 124. 

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