Restored 1971 Plymouth Barracuda Is the Green Treat of the Week

il y a 3 ans, 2 mois - 26 Mars 2020, autoevolution
Restored 1971 Plymouth Barracuda Is the Green Treat of the Week
The Plymouth Barracuda is one of those cars that deserved more than it actually received. Starting with the cool name and ending with capabilities pretty much on par with those of the competition's, the Cuda should have lasted for a hell of a lot more years than the decade it actually got.

Produced from 1964 to 1974, the Cuda is perhaps the defining product of a Chrysler-owned brand that was never given a true chance at succeeding. Killed in 2001, Plymouth gave the world, aside for the Cuda, cars like the Roadrunner, Superbird and Fury.

All are custom-industry favorites, but few equal the appeal of the Barracuda, and over the years we've seen quite a number of worth-mentioning rebuilds and customizations.

The one we have here, listed as for sale on the Classic Cars website by a specialist in Illinois, is advertised as having been rebuilt as close to stock as possible. And down to the stunning green and white color combination, it does seem it belongs right in the era it came from.

Originally built in 1971, which is toward the end of the production run for the Cuda, this example comes with all the original motor, transmission and so on, all of course rebuilt to make them functional and shiny again.

According to the seller, the restoration was extensive, and so was the attention to detail, as for instance even the period-correct antenna was fitted on the car.

Visually, the car seem flawless, blending the color combination of the bright green of the exterior (dotted with chrome here and there) and pure white of the carefully crafted interior.

As said, this particular Cuda is for sale, and don't expect it to come cheap. The selling price is set at $84,998.

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