Custom 1933 Ford Roadster Has Staggered Wheels You Can Barely See

10 March 2020 - autoevolution

Custom 1933 Ford Roadster Has Staggered Wheels You Can Barely See

For reasons that would take too long to explain here, Ford is one of the if not the preferred nameplate chosen by custom car builders.

Whether they base their builds on an old Ford or just choose to give their creations this moniker, the name is probably the most used in the industry.

Now, with 2020 well underway we already have several major auctions behind us, we've already seen our share of Ford special builds, some extremely spectacular, others less so. But the year is still young, and there' are probably more custom Fords just waiting their turn in the spotlight.

We'll start the spring with this thing here, a 1933 Ford Roadster custom. Finished in 2013, the car is one of the best interpretations of a Ford Roadster we've seen in some time.

Built around a frame that was custom made for it, the car boasts an impressive, curvy body that seems very well knitted together. Contributing to this feeling is the color chosen for the exterior, a pearled-out white that seems to have been created with this build in mind.

Hiding under the curved fenders are staggered wheels you can barely see, sized 18-inches at the front and 20-inches at the rear.

Seen from above, the car reveals an interior in gray tweed, something we don't get to see very often, and that suits the Ford like a glove.

Under the very long hood that swoops down between the oval headlights lies, in the usual custom-builder style, not a Ford Engine, but a Chevy one: a 350ci V8 (5.7-liters), linked to a 5-speed automatic transmission.

And because we mentioned auctions earlier, this car is up for grabs at exactly such an event. It will go under the hammer at the hands of Barrett-Jackson during their Palm Beach event in April, without reserve.