4K-Mile 1973 Honda CB350G Is a Rev-Happy Samurai With Overhauled Internals

1 ano, 6 meses atrás - 14 Novembro 2021, autoevolution
4K-Mile 1973 Honda CB350G Is a Rev-Happy Samurai With Overhauled Internals
It may only have 36 hp on tap, but that 325cc parallel-twin will shatter your eardrums at over 10,000 rpm.

Gnarly superbikes and their three-digit horsepower figures are cool and all. Still, you’ll never get to unlock their true potential anywhere other than the track (if you’re sensible). Since pushing a smaller motorcycle to its absolute limits can be a lot more exhilarating than riding a fast predator at 50 mph, you might be better off with something like this 1973 Honda CB350G for your commuting purposes.

With a negligible 3,900 miles (6,200 km) on the odometer, the Japanese classic doesn’t just look as if it’s fresh out of the oven, but it will also perform like a genuine marvel! The specimen’s current owner recently went about replacing the fuel hoses, spark plugs, and battery. At the same time, its valve clearances, ignition timing, and camshaft chain tension have all been optimized for good measure.

As for its fundamental specs and features, the machine is powered by a four-stroke 325cc parallel-twin engine, with four valves, dual Keihin carbs, and a single overhead camshaft. The air-cooled mill is mated to a five-speed transmission, which keeps the rear 18 hoop in motion via a chain final drive.

When the crank turns at a whopping 10,500 spins per minute, the powerplant is good for up to 36 horses, along with 18 pound-feet (25 Nm) of twist at 9,500 revs. On the other hand, stopping power comes from a single hydraulic brake rotor up front and a traditional drum setup at six o’clock. The CB350G will tip the scales at a modest 328 pounds (149 kg) before receiving any fluids.

This ‘73 MY pearl is being auctioned off at no reserve on the BaT (Bring A Trailer) platform, and we think you’ve got plenty of reasons to check it out while there’s still time! Featuring a top bid of just $3,200 at the time of writing, the online auction will be open until Friday, November 12, so you’ll have to act swiftly if you wish to grab Honda’s antique showstopper.

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