Body kit transforms new Citroën Jumper into a classic type H van

6 anos, 2 meses atrás - 6 Abril 2017, motor1
Body kit transforms new Citroën Jumper into a classic type H van
The kit pays homage to the distinctive Type H on its 70th anniversary.

The Citroën Type H is one of a handful of utility vehicles that can shine proudly in any automotive collection. It must be said that the distinctive double chevron van has served many owners and customers throughout the European countryside for decades, always carrying out its hard work with a certain good nature that belies its utilitarian nature. Like so many classic Citroëns, it holds an endearing charm that only grows stronger with age.

First presented in 1947 and launched in 1948, the Type H is now 70 years old. To celebrate this milestone, Fabrizio Caselani and designer David Obendorfer decided to recreate a Type H for the 21st century by offering a retro-style body kit for the Citroën Jumper.

On the aesthetic level there isn't much to be said – the connection with the original Type H is plainly obvious. Characteristic elements of the classic van are captured beautifully, such as the corrugated sheets and prominent grille, right down to the two round lights at the front. And because the Type H served so many different customers, different versions will be offered including the standard van, tow truck, motor home, food truck, and others.

Only 70 kits will be produced by FC Automobili, and the transformations will be carried out by hand in Italy. And since the conversions are based on the current Citroën Jumper with either a 110- or 160-horsepower engine, the 70th anniversary Type H will have no difficulty making its way through modern traffic. Considering the old diesels in the original Type H produced between 51 and 56 horsepower while returning roughly 15 miles per gallon, the Jumper-based Type H conversion is an excellent opportunity to have old-school appeal with the efficiency and reliability of modern automobiles.

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