Restored 1974 Honda CB750 Has Everything From Great Looks to Historical Significance

1 year, 8 months atrás - 19 Outubro 2022, autoevolution
Restored 1974 Honda CB750 Has Everything From Great Looks to Historical Significance
For a rider in the early 1970s, it was hard to find a better two-wheeled companion than the CB750.

Were you to have come across this 1974 Honda CB750 a few months ago, it would’ve looked far less attractive than it does today. Following the latest owner’s acquisition in July, the vintage UJM experienced a comprehensive overhaul that took it from a mere project bike to a museum-worthy stunner.

Let’s start with the powertrain department, where Honda’s relic bears new spark plugs, ignition points, and throttle cables. Additionally, its carbs and gaskets have also been swapped with fresher replacements, while the original exhaust system made way for a cosmetically-identical unit from Yamiya’s inventory. Power delivery to the rear wheel is done via a modern drive chain and youthful sprockets.

Moving on to unsprung territory, we find a pair of D.I.D hoops replacing the factory items at both ends, and optimal stopping power is enforced by a refurbished front brake. The motorcycle’s telescopic forks and steering head bearings eventually made their way to the list of reconditioned parts, too.

New chromed fenders complete the package, and a pristine clear coat keeps the fuel tank and side panels looking squeaky clean. As far as the CB750’s fundamental specs are concerned, its grunt is supplied by an air-cooled 736cc inline-four engine featuring two valves per cylinder and a single overhead camshaft.

This four-stroke mill holds 67 ponies and 44 pound-feet (60 Nm) of crank-measured twist on tap, channeling the oomph to the rear wheel through a five-speed gearbox and a wet multi-plate clutch. When taken to its limit, the ‘74 MY CB750 can achieve speeds of up to 124 mph (200 kph).

The restored specimen we’ve just inspected is now heading to auction with just under 17k miles (27,000 km) on the clock! You may register your bids at no reserve on Bring a Trailer until October 20, and an offer amounting to seven grand would be enough to put you in the lead for the time being.

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