Unrestored 1979 Ford F-250 Explorer Flexes Rare Color and Options, Engine Runs Strong

11 meses, 2 semanas atrás - 17 Abril 2022, autoevolution
1979 Ford F-250 Explorer
1979 Ford F-250 Explorer
If you’re in the market for a solid truck, how about a 43-year-old model that looks surprisingly good for a vehicle this old?

This Ford F-250 was born in 1979 as a special factory order, and according to its seller, it comes with a rather rare mix of paint color and installed equipment.

Let’s start with the essential information and tell you the truck is a 1979 Ford F-250 with the Explorer package. This means it rolled off the assembly line with a special color, Explorer vinyl bench seat, a bedside toolbox, a unique hood ornament, and so much more.

Another thing that makes it special is the Medium Vaquero Glow finish, which still looks surprisingly good even after all these years. It’s not perfect paint, though, but the photos provided by eBay seller everythings4sale5 confirm that only minor retouches here and there are required.

The hood is the one that could require some more extensive work unless you enjoy keeping the 43-year-old patina. There are occasional rust spots here and there, but nothing that wouldn’t be easy to fix with basic metalwork.

The interior is overall in good shape, with some fixes required here and there, but once again, the condition seems above-the-average, especially on a truck, under the hood.

As for what’s under the hood, this Ford F-250 is powered by a 460 (7.5-liter) big-block unit that still runs strong. Paired with a C6 automatic transmission, the V8 requires no fixes, though you may still want to inspect it thoroughly if you intend to use the F-250 as a daily driver.

Without a doubt, a 1979 Ford F-250 in such a good shape and with this rare combination (the owner says some 580 units ended up seeing the daylight with the Explorer package and in this color) is rather hard to find. This is probably why so many people want to buy it in the first place, with the bidding already exceeding $3,500. 

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