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1931' Ford Model A

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The true key to happy classic car ownership is finding the right vehicle that gives you the confidence to take it out whenever and wherever you want. Thats what makes this Ford Model A replica so appealing. It might look like a nearly 90-year-old classic, but beneath the vintage appearance is a more modern drivetrain and desirable features. The people at Glassic only produced a small number of Model A replicas. In fact, there were less than 1,800 estimated built over a 15-year run, and possibly fewer than 800 of this particular model. The durable fiberglass body means this one still looks good after years of Saturday parades and Sunday drives. The yellow paint even still has the right kind of luster to attract attention even in a crowded parking lot. This one has all the great elements you love in a classic Model A, including the upright grille, running boards, luggage rack w/trunk, and the spare wheels mounted in the fender like the Deluxe models. But this is no ordinary Model A reproduction. Glassic took advantage of some upgrades to Fords iconic design. This includes larger doors and 15-inch wheels, both of which make this convertible feel more practical without jeopardizing the vintage feeling. When you first glance at the interior, you may not immediately notice this is a replica. The black seats and matching door trim are very well presented. And this one also gets the details right from the wind wings on the side of the windshield to the fantastic rumble seat. But then you slip into the drivers seat and find a more comfortable wheel than an original Model A. Theres a full gauge package in place, which is always a welcomed sight. You even have an AM/FM/CD stereo with Bluetooth so you can choose between 1930s flapper music or more modern tunes for your road trips. It doesnt even have to be a sunny day drive with the included full folding top and side curtain package. This is built to be a classic-style Ford, so its great to have proper Ford power on display. And we especially love that they have utilized an updated and more powerful Ford legend. The 289 cubic-inch V8 has a tidy look, and you take proper control with a three-speed manual transmission. Its not just the engine thats upgraded. The entire underpinnings are a hardy chassis and suspension thats beefier than a Model A. So in the end, you have a classic convertible that looks great but drives substantially better. This low-mileage drop-top gives you the true classic feeling but with more modern confidence added on top. The appeal of the Glassic is clear, and they dont become available too often anymore, so call today!

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  • Florida
  • 20 января 2021