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1973' Triumph

  • 1973 Triumph в Maryland
Кузов: Суперспорт
Пробег:19900 км

For sale 1973 Triumph Cheney 500 .
Cheney was one of the best post-war English motocross riders. After success on cross-country fields, Cheney, like many British craftsmen, began designing and manufacturing cycles parts to accommodate different engines. Cheney had no engineering training and drew on his experience from years spent as a mechanic in the Royal Navy.
Its cycle parts quickly gain a reputation for being the best on the market. At the end of the 1960s, the Cheneys equipped with triumph twin-cylinders distinguished themselves with the English national team at the ISDE (the Six Days International Enduro-, the largest off-road competition of the time. Cheney is not limited to off-road; Phil Read won the 250cc 250cc World Championship in 1971, marking one of the most resounding successes of the British craftsman.
Town Manchester

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  • Maryland
  • 14 января 2021