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  • $5,822

    1960' Baglietto

    Истекло19 июля 2018, Италия


    The Baglietto Shipyard produced in the 60s a series of motor yacht named "Island" that made the history of Italian shipbuilding in the world. This ... 

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  • $50,000

    1937' Herreshoff

    Истекло12 июля 2018, Berkshire

    The beautiful yawl "Evening Star" was built in 1937 for Frederick Ford of Detroit at Bristol, Rhode Island. This top quality yacht was built using ... 

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  • 1949' Chris Craft


    1949' Chris Craft

    Истекло5 июля 2018, Washington

    Presented for sale or trade is this 1949 46’ Chris-Craft model DCEB. This is your opportunity to own a piece of history that clearly defines ... 

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  • 1966' Abeking & Rasmussen


    1966' Abeking & Rasmussen

    Истекло21 июня 2018, Канада

    Veleiro em fase de restauro. A maior despesa já está feita, que é o restauro do Um formula 1 da vela, muito veloz 37 pés ... 

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  • $17,700

    1965' Riva

    Истекло16 ноября 2017, Португалия

    Lancha de Madeira, 5,1 metros. Motor Volvo Penta AQ130cv Todo Revisto há 2 anos, nem 10 horas de uso fez e tem circuito de arrefecimento ... 

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  • 1948' Chris Craft


    1948' Chris Craft

    Истекло13 мая 2017, Германия


    "Viva of Conover Cove": Chris Craft 30' Sedan Cruiser, Baujahr 1948. Länge: 9,50m, Breite: 3,05m, Tiefgang: 0,80m. Gewicht 3,5 to, 5,3l-Reihensechszylinder mit 130PS, Side-Power Bugstrahlruder. ... 

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  • 1970' Riva


    1970' Riva

    Истекло7 апреля 2017, Германия

    Since 1984 Baum & König has paid the utmost attention to classic yachts. Yachts with a history and a vita are built predominantly out of ... 

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  • 1938' Mystery-Class


    1938' Mystery-Class

    Истекло23 марта 2017, Германия

    The Mystery Class yachts, which Naiande belongs to, were designed and built to be reasonably affordable racers. Naiande has participated suggestfully events of the RORC ... 

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  • 1938' Alden TRADE WIND


    1938' Alden TRADE WIND

    Истекло12 января 2017, Великобритания

    Designed by John Alden in 1937 for a discerning owner who wanted an elegant floating home for 2 people able to go anywhere, she became ... 

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