1966 Ford Mustang Mid-Engine Prototype Is Real, Predates the Mach 2 Experimental

8 апреля 2020 - autoevolution

1966 Ford Mustang Mid-Engine Prototype Is Real, Predates the Mach 2 Experimental

The ‘Stang went through a lot of changes over the course of six generations, and even greater advancements are in the pipeline for the S650.

The seventh generation is launching in 2022 for the 2023 model year on the CD6 vehicle architecture, and this time around, an EcoBoost-engined hybrid or plug-in hybrid will be added to the lineup.

As we're waiting here gingerly for the Ford Motor Company to work its magic on the S650, it's high time we look back at the original from the 1960s. Produced from 1964 through 1973, the first generation was also tested with a mid-engine layout on at least three occasions. The Experimental Mach 2 that stands 47 inches tall is one of them, packing a five-speed transaxle and the 289-cu.in. V8 modified to competition specifications.

Gone to heaven knows where sometime around 1970, the Experimental Mach 2 was preceded by the prototype in the photo gallery by at least a year. Ford Performance is asking us all to help the Blue Oval "identify the project car seen in the four Ford Design Studio photos shown here, taken on May 2, 1966." The photos surfaced five years ago when Dean Weber – then head of the automaker's archives – had come across them.

Earlier still, the Mustang 1 from 1962 was a one-off that had little in common with the production car. "I don't recall seeing this," said principal stylist Gale Halderman about the unnamed midship from 1966. Roy Lunn, the godfather of the GT40, didn't know a thing either.

What is certain, however, is that the second of three mid-engine Mustang prototypes is made from a 1966 body as opposed to the 1967 convertible-based Mach 2 Experimental. The mystery, therefore, lingers on, and Ford would be much obliged if you may give the automaker a bit more information on the vehicle in these pics.

"If you unlock this mystery for us, we'll give you and your source full credit," said Ford Performance in a blog post, adding that "a special prize" will be awarded as well.