Widebody Twin-Turbo 1969 Ford Mustang Is Ready to Shock You

26 мая 2020 - autoevolution

Widebody Twin-Turbo 1969 Ford Mustang Is Ready to Shock You

We're living in the Pro Touring world of old Mustangs and Camaros.

That means people spend supercar money just to have a pretty toy that sits in the garage all the time. But this funky 1969 Mustang is a crazy daily driver built by a man who's not afraid to offend.

The real attention-grabber here is the twin-turbo setup. It looks like the technology from a dragster has been applied in the real world. The Mustang unapologetically shows its snail cones though the hood, leaving both the intakes and the exhaust outlets in the open.

Underneath the turbos, this old pony is rocking a recently rebuilt 302 V8 engine. It's been improved with 1.6 ratio rockers with Edelbrock cam and heads. It's believed that the radical No Touring machine makes about 600 horsepower, though the owner (Jonathan Flores aka JF Boosted) plans to create an even better setup in the future.

A Fitech EFI unit capable of running E85 suggests this will eventually turn into a thousand horsepower car. The power is sent through a 4-speed manual to a 9-inch Ford rear axle. Above that resides a Grab-a-Trak kit with stiffened suspension and subframe connectors.

The old Mustang has gone through a full body restoration and now proudly wears its yellow paint. The black stripes down the side echo the look of a Mach 1 from that era. The body kit is pretty subtle too, but you can easily spot the trunk lip spoiler because of the sticker-bomb treatment. More recently, a universal widebody kit (from Clinched) was also added.

The interior sports a partial roll cage. While we're not blown away by the black and yellow leather, the fact that it's a daily driver compensates. As far as the wheels are concerned, we're dealing with 15-inch Vision Mag Sport alloys with a very simple design and 295 Mickey Thompson S/T rubber at the back. She still breaks traction quite easily, though.