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1942' Mack NM

  • 1942 Mack NM в Shropshire
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ere we have a totally original Mack NM-7 still fitted with the Mack Thermodyne Petrol engine which runs beautifully. There is a part built new body on the back to the original Mack drawings it wouldn't take much to finish just the decking and a new canvas, we have the original hoop set for it. It has had quite an interesting history being purchased out of the military by Rutland County Council for use as a snow plow. The council kept and maintained it all its life with the vehicle seeing very little use and is therefore in exceptional original condition. In more recent years it was placed on display in the Leicestershire council museum. It really is a stunning vehicle and it would be great for it to go to someone who appreciates what it is and will ensure its safe future.

The first three pictures are of the vehicle currently, the last three are from a show a couple of years ago with the old body that had sadly deteriorated beyond repair.