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1928' Ford Model A

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Age: 95 years
Mileage: 2823 km
Transmission: Manual
Exterior color: Black

GR Auto Gallery is pleased to offer this elegant 1928 Ford Model A Roadster for your consideration. It is powered by its 3.3L inline-4 motor which is paired with a manual transmission with 4 speeds! The motor fires right up, idles smooth, and gets this iconic classic Ford going down the road. This example is in great condition and has been well maintained. The car is finished in what appears to be Arabian Sand Dark with black fenders and a Pegex Orange stripe that accents the car well. The car is excellent condition and as you can see the car was redone top to bottom and the underside is neat and tidy as well.
Henry Ford spent many years fighting off the idea of changing the Model T of which over 15 million models were produced and sold before his son, Edsel, finally convinced him that some new features and comforts were necessary. On May 25th, 1927, Ford announced the shutdown of the plant and began retooling the entire factory to begin production of the new and improved vehicle, the Model A. They completed this process in 6 months and had cars pumping out quickly. This quick shift was only possible due to Edsel secretly marshaling the design and sketch team to begin working on the new model prior to Henry Ford approving such a change.

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