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1955' Mercedes-Benz 190SL

1955' Mercedes-Benz 190SL photo #1
1955' Mercedes-Benz 190SL photo #2
1955' Mercedes-Benz 190SL photo #3
1955' Mercedes-Benz 190SL photo #4
1955' Mercedes-Benz 190SL photo #5
1955' Mercedes-Benz 190SL photo #6
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Body: Sedan
Age: 68 years
Exterior color: Black

When the Mercedes-Benz 300SL has been on the market for a few years as a closed coupé in 1955, the German group decides to come up with an affordable two-seater that is strongly inspired by the pricey and advanced big brother in terms of design. The 190SL, which is only available as a convertible, is equipped with a 1, 897 cc four-cylinder unit that is mated to a four-speed manual gearbox. Unlike the 300SL, the 190SL does not have a tubular chassis, but uses a shortened chassis from the W121 sedan as a base.
This 190SL is in an absolutely optimal condition. After a very extensive restoration, the car can certainly be labeled as ‘top class’. The ivory-colored paint provides a classic look and is in a beautiful condition. The bodywork is simply stunning. Tight, clean and with excellent fits of the hinged parts. Other seams between the various sheet metal parts are also beautiful. Chrome work is all in as good as new condition, with even the smallest details such as logos, narrow ornate door handles and frames of the lighting parts being perfect.
Mercedes-Benz has designed a fantastic interior for the 190SL, with a largely painted dashboard that houses beautiful gauges. Furthermore, the extensive use of leather in the interior predominates. The top and bottom of the stylish dashboard, door panels and of course the seats: beautiful red leather decorates the interior and carpet in the same color completes it. The ivory-colored steering wheel is beautiful and through it the stylish, understated design of VDO gauges are clearly visible. What an atmosphere, what a class. It is clear that the interior has been fully included during the restoration because there is really not a square millimeter missing, everything has been perfected down to the finest detail and works as befits a Mercedes-Benz: perfect.
Perfection is also the magic word under the hood. Chromed parts have been beautifully restored, polished parts lack the often present dull appearance. Black lacquered parts are like new and plastic parts look very fresh. The engine has been completely overhauled and the four-cylinder produces about 105 hp. This makes it possible to reach a top speed of just over 170 km/ h. But honestly: those are not the speeds at which this SL brings out the best in itself. Sporty touring on beautiful rolling roads, crossing beautiful villages, sometimes stretching your legs and especially looking back when you walk away from the car: what a beautiful and stylish appearance.
The car comes with some documentation, the original nameplates and a USB stick with restoration photos. In short: a car without surprises.

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