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1940' Packard Super 8

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Published 22 May 2023
Updated 17 May 2024
ID: LmqLMs

Information from the owner

Body: Sedan
Age: 84 years
Mileage: 10175 km
Transmission: Manual
Exterior color: Green

Seller's comments about 1940' Packard Super 8

This 1940 Packard One-Sixty Super-Eight Convertible Sedan is pure rolling opulence. In fact, if you wanted a more expensive Packard One-Sixty in its day, you had to buy a limousine. Thats why its a certified full classic by the CCCA. So its terrific to find an example that appreciates its pre-war history while also continuing the smooth cruising style of an upper-class machine built to last generations. Packards of this era instantly commanded respect with the bright and tall grille. They are a first-class design with body lines that are artfully allowed to develop. Just look at the crease that begins like a harpoon at the hood and runs until it gently fades away at the rear - thats pure rolling sculpture. And the red pinstripe laid within this coordinates with the wheels for that delicate hint of elegance. This has all the beautiful details that youll love, like the torpedo-like headlights, dual spare tires in the long flowing front fenders, bright chrome bumpers, correct two-piece wheel covers, and the Goddess of Speed leading the way. We love the paint on this one. Its said to be the factory-correct Miami Sand color. This was likely done about 40 years ago, and thats part of the true appeal. It has the kind of aged-in style that makes sure no one accuses this timeless classic of being nouveau riche, and some may even just assume its original. After all, the bagging, luggage rack, trim, and folding roof also have the right look of clean originality. Its all about the look of a good collector where its about maintaining and not fidgeting. In fact, were told this came out of a long-term collection of a northeast surgeon and was purchased by another collector who doesnt currently have room to properly keep this sizable pre-war classic. We love the look of this sedan convertible. It gives you the full body lines and windows you could get in a limo-like sedan, but the large folding top neatly folds back so that you can open this one up to the world for a proper grand touring experience. And the deep burgundy interior makes for a tasteful contrast against the creamy exterior paint. Just like the exterior, the style is about being well-kept but clearly vintage. You have excellent upholstery, plush carpeting, and a stylish symmetrical art deco style dash to make this all inviting. The amount of room in the back makes this one feel like a presidential parade car. And its detailed with the fold-down armrest, proper convertible boot, and even a rear windscreen of a touch of dual cowl phaeton style. The engine bay continues this cars attractive time capsule style. The 160-line received the top motor from Packard, and in fact, this 356 cubic-inch straight-eight was admired for being one of the most potent powerhouses on the market. This is a year-correct block, and the whole engine bay has a very preserved presentation - from the long green block to the decal on the air cleaners. So when something looks this authentic after 80+ years, you know youll be showing it off to true enthusiasts. The motor has been treated with respect, and theres even a newer electric fuel pump, so it fires up eagerly. The inline motor has the inherent smoothness of a sewing machine, and the size gives it the torque of a locomotive. This desirable powerplant is mated to a column-shifted three-speed manual transmission, which means you get a great vintage feeling while maintaining complete control. Complete with owners manual, this is a long-established distinction with the look of long-term care. This Packard doesnt need to climb to the upper echelons of classic car high society, because its already there.

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