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1954' Chevrolet Bel Air

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  • 1954 Chevrolet Bel Air en Georgia
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  • 1954 Chevrolet Bel Air en Georgia - 3
Kilométrage: 47069 km
Transmission: Automatique
Couleur de la carrosserie: Vert

This 1954 Chevrolet Bel Air is about being an authentic and cool cruising classic. Thats why you even have some rare paperwork to prove this still has its original engine under the hood. And these just have an awesome attrition with a two-tone, a ton of brightwork, and a smooth original-style setup that is pure nostalgia from behind the wheel. The top-of-the-line Bel Air added plenty more bright trim, and the place you first notice it on this coupe is on the roof. The full window surrounds and complete bright c-pillar makes for a terrific separating line for the Bermuda Green and white two-tone. This green is the factory correct color but it was given an update later in life that added a metallic element. After all, true nostalgia often comes with extra radiance. Plus, shine is at the center of this cars appeal with a ton of very original-style brightwork. Besides the special roof treatment, the Bel Air correctly has trim running the full length of the side, outlining the lower rear fenders, surrounding every exterior light, and smiling with a shiny toothy grille. You even get the correct wheel covers that leave a line of matching green paint before those beautiful whitewalls. And this one really impresses with its level of completeness, right down to the straightness of the sheetmetal, the quality of the rubber surrounds, and the way you can close the doors with authority. The interior feels like a time capsule. The two-tone green is a great color to harmonize with the exterior. Theres fresher carpeting, good door panels, and awesome upholstery with cloth inserts do a great job of turning back the clock while keeping you comfortable. The option lists were a lot shorter in 1954, which gives this car an uncluttered appearance of a simpler time. The steering column is uncomplicated, with a big wheel to help make turning a breeze. Behind it are just two stalks - one for the turn signal and one for the shifter. Despite this coupes simplicity, the gauge cluster is quite informative. It has info for the fuel, water temperature, oil pressure, and voltage. Its such an authentic classic experience that the only upgrade youre likely to notice are the seatbelts. Open up the hood and the honesty of this classic coupe continues. Chevrolet relied on the 235 cubic-inch inline-six for everything from the Corvette to its pickup trucks. This Bel Air with a Powerglide automatic transmission was a higher compression form. In fact, we have the dealer invoice to prove this is the numbers-matching powerhouse! And since this is the original motor, the presentation has the kind of originality that will have you proudly showing it off. But a car like this was also made to be driven. Thats why you have an upgraded 12-volt electrical system that includes an alternator and newer fuses. Plus, theres a newer stainless exhaust with a modern muffler. It fires up like a well-respected workhorse should and this Chevy feels eager to get out on the road. And to make sure this is a true cruiser, you not only have the automatic transmission, but also there Is added power steering. The sale comes with the owners manual, maintenance records, many previous registrations, and the very important dealer invoice. This classic Bel Air captures a true classic feeling thats almost impossible to find, and thats why we know it wont be with us very long. Call today!!!

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  • Georgia
  • 7 Février 2021