Dare to Cruise Above 55 MPH in This Restored “Coca-Cola” 1946 Ford F-1 Flathead

1 ano, 6 meses atrás - 30 Agosto 2021, autocar
Dare to Cruise Above 55 MPH in This Restored “Coca-Cola” 1946 Ford F-1 Flathead
But the original generation is also known as the Bonus-Built series. Meanwhile, previous trucks were largely unchanged since the start of WWII for America, that dreadful 1941.

So, do we hold it against the good folks over at PC Classic Cars in Sherman, Texas for potentially confusing the F-1 name with a truck that was created before the age of the F-Series? Purists might, but we are going to be as reconciliatory as possible, considering the very nice Coca-Cola-like paintjob. True, we might have a soft spot for crimson and creamy white combinations...

Now that everyone has finished ogling at the pristine exterior details, let’s get down to the classic pickup truck business. This 1946 Ford was probably restored sometimes during previous ownership – there isn’t much background to go along with as far as its historic whereabouts are concerned. We did catch the dealer’s reference that “extensive records and photos from restoration” are also available.

And this time around, we paid more attention than ever to what the consigner has to say, considering the laugh we had after reading the proud statement that we are dealing with a “truck (that) will cruise at 55 mph.” That’s just 89 kph for the Old Continent fans. But, then again, even after a full restoration, it’s still a very old truck – and well within pension rights at 75 years of age.

As far as the highlights are concerned, aside from the Pepsi-rivaling exterior paintjob, the pickup truck also has matching paint for the interior, a black bench seat, a headliner, as well as correctly working factory gauges! There’s a wooden bed floor in the back, as well as 16-inch steelies with factory caps to add to the vintage atmosphere.

And the engine under the hood is also looking to make an impression. We are dealing with a 239ci Flathead V8 mill with an electric fan and a GM 1 wire alternator that’s connected to a three-speed manual transmission. The manual brakes are also new, fortunately, for when one feels that cruising at 55 mph is not enough. Especially after paying $28,500 for this truck that “only” has 1,928 miles (3,103 km) – but of course the actual mileage cannot be verified. 

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