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1976' Land Rover

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Publicado 10 Março 2017ID: 9ZggVO
7 years, 3 months atrás

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Here is my rhd 101, I used it for occasional off roading and Ive lost interest so it's time to sell.
Very original with pioneer tools in tact and Jerry can rack.
It has power steering, an overdrive and a detroit locker fitted, Electric winches front and rear and creepy crawler tyres which I'll remove and fit orpool iginal bar grips.
Very good condition with no faults, brakes are for the most part new all round ( serve master cylinder and wheel cylinders). The tilt fitted is waterproof but faded, I have a replacement tilt.
Painted Matt nato green externally (rolled) and mostly bronze green internally as it was restored in the 00's.
Very reliable with original v8 and LT 95 box new front prop so no rumble. folders of history and service information.
Call for more information
20 min Dublin airport and 20 min ferry port.

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