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1949' Renault Eight Jurvaquatre

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Renault EIGHT (Juvaquatre) 1949
In France they are referred to as the Juvaquatre where as models built here in the UK they were called the EIGHT.

This particular one was built in Acton where Renault had a factory the majority where exported out of the UK.

The Renault 8 is only 1 of 4 right hand drives known in the world.

Fabulously restored body, engine, gearbox with original documentation and comprehensive photographs of the restoration.

The car belonged to the same family Parent to son and was held in a garage for 30 years. Eventually it was retrieved by the previous owner an ex panel beater, now lecturer in the subject. Being a very sound car anyway the car has been beautifully restored.

I am not to concerned about selling the car it really is lovely and obviously a lot of time and effort has gone into restoring the car. It is just if something more practical for me comes along.

There is some history on the internet if you care to look it up.

Valued by the Juva club at £12,000

What I am looking for is something more practical so modern classic, camper van some thing like that try me I can say yes or no.

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  • 8 сентября 2020