1933 Dodge SRT33 Was Made by Army of Custom Shops, on Sale for $173K

1 июня 2020 - autoevolution

1933 Dodge SRT33 Was Made by Army of Custom Shops, on Sale for $173K

In the world of custom builds, muscle cars usually take the crown as the most coveted collectors’ cars.

But there are other machines out there, not part of this breed, which deserve their time under the spotlight.

Such machines are the cars based on or styled like the vehicles of the 1930s. Appealing to a particular segment of car collectors, these real classics may not be as widespread as muscle cars, but they are even more spectacular at times.

Case in point, take a look at the 1933 Dodge in the gallery above, nicknamed SRT33. To make it look as incredible appealing as it is today, a great deal of customs shops came together, each working on a different part of the car.

The chassis, sporting a Mustang II front suspension and a 4-link rear set up, is the work of a group called The Roadster Shop. The body, with chopped and elongated parts here and there and fitted with suicide doors, has been sculpted by Customs by Kilkeary, down to the golden brown metallic paint applied all over.

The interior, crafted according to its makers to resemble what one usually finds in a Bentley, is the work of Smith's Custom Seats and comes with a wealth of leather, rich wood, and custom trim pieces. Two other shops worked on the interior, Clayton Machineworks (vents and trim) and Paul's Chrome Plating. Even with all the custom parts and materials that went into the car, the original gauge cluster was retained for maximum retro effect.

The elegant look of the model is matched and even surpassed by a massive engine under the hood. The army of builders went for a 6.1-liter SRT Hemi V8 in this case, and they linked it to a five-speed automatic transmission.

Such a combined effort does not come cheap. The car is of course for sale, and the asking price is not for the weak of heart: $172,500.