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1954' Chevrolet Bel Air

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Body: Coupe
Mileage: 96886 km
Transmission: Manual
Exterior color: Green
Interior: Air Conditioning

Everyone loves to stand out, and you know thats exactly what this 1954 Chevrolet Bel Air Sports Coupe guarantees. Youll hear, Wow! I havent seen that in forever! no matter if you take this for a drive on a car show lawn, or simply on a leisurely Saturday drive for ice cream. And the reason why youll be taking it so many places is that you have the right cruiser-ready upgrades - including cold-blowing air conditioning. You immediately notice the roof on this Chevy. They produced less than half as many of these pillarless Sport Coupe models as they did the standard two-door. It really complements the sleek roofline and points the way for the sporty Impalas and Chevelles of the future. The paint on this one strikes the right classic impression. Its an older respray of the factory-correct colors, and it looks attractive. The Fiesta Cream is a great 50s tone, but the combination of Bermuda Green transforms this into an excellent Art Deco feeling. It gives the impression of exceptionally well-preserved original paintwork, with just a little extra hint of metallic on the green roof and matching fender accents. So this one feels classy, unique, and authentic - all in one glance. And of course, theres plenty of chrome. This Bel Air has brightwork surrounding every piece of glass, running the full length of the side, outlining the lower rear fender, surrounding every exterior light, and smiling with a shiny toothy grille. You even get the correct wheel covers that leave a line of matching cream paint before those iconic whitewalls. The two-tone green interior makes for a nice complement to the exterior color. The option lists were a lot shorter in 1954, which gives this car an uncluttered appearance of a simpler time. The steering column is uncomplicated, with a big wheel to help make turning a breeze. Behind it are just two stalks - one for the turn signal and the other to shift the manual transmission. Despite this coupes simplicity, the gauge cluster is quite informative. It has info for the fuel, water temperature, oil pressure, and voltage. It all looks quite vintage, right down to the working dome light, but dont forget, this one loves to be a true cruiser. So youll spot well-integrated upgrades. The carpeting and cloth inserts of the seats have been updated within the last few years for a more comfortable feeling. And the addition of cold-blowing R134a air conditioning makes it easy to roll down all the windows and fully enjoy the hardtop. Open up the hood and the honesty of this classic coupe continues. Chevrolet relied on the 235 cubic-inch motor for everything in the consumer vehicles, but the Blue Flame was the desirable one shared with the Corvette. So its proudly displayed in this tidy engine bay. And because this is a driver, youll also spot desirable features, like the good lines, newer belt, newer compressor, and the alternator for the 12-volt system. For those who want to get the most out of this engine, the three-speed manual transmission is the best choice to have, and theres just a real retro-cool feeling about operating the three-on-the-tree column shifter. This is one of those classics that people are going to be asking plenty of questions about. So, its a good thing it comes with documents like the owners manual and vintage sales literature. Its the finest of 50s motoring thats made to be enjoyed today. Call now!!!

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  • Georgia
  • 23 September 2022