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1970' Ford Mustang

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Published 21 May 2024ID: lfC4gD

Information from the owner

Body: Coupe
Age: 54 years
Mileage: 122000 km
Displacement: 5751 cc
Transmission: Manual
Interior: Power Steering

Seller's comments about 1970' Ford Mustang

The car was imported in July 2023 on my order from Texas, USA. As far as I know, the car is accident-free. Currently registered as a monument. I have an extensive expert opinion. The Ford has a 351-4V Cleveland engine, i.e. 5.8l, and a four-barrel carburetor. According to the manufacturer, this gives 300 HP. It is also equipped with the Mach 1 package. The car is equipped with front disc brakes, which also have brake assist. The Mustang's disc brakes provide much more braking confidence than traditional drum brakes. Additionally, the previous owner converted it from a 4-speed manual to a 5-speed Tremec manual transmission. The car drives incomparably better at higher speeds. A modern radio with Bluetooth was also installed, which looks as if it were original. The car also has power steering. Mechanically, the vehicle is completely functional. After winter, I had no problem starting it. The engine runs very smoothly. There is no problem with the engine overheating. The previous owner performed a major overhaul of the engine and chassis approximately 2,000 miles ago. As proof, I have an extensive album with photos from the entire renovation process. I have a whole binder of documents, including the original purchase invoice from 1970. The color of the car matches the VIN number. The paint condition is honestly good. There are a few scratches and chips on it. The interior, according to the previous owner, has been kept original from 1970. It has never been renovated and, as you might expect, it's not perfect either. The upholstery has a few smaller holes and abrasions, but they are invisible on a daily basis. Car service history: 1. After importing to Poland, a thorough inspection of the entire car and replacement of operating fluids.2. Starter regeneration. The car wouldn't start because the starter was seized.3. Replacing the gasket in the exhaust manifold. The previous one blew out at high engine speeds. If you are looking for a great classic to drive every day, this car is for you. In less than a year, it only let me down once and it was a seized starter. The rest of the time I had no problems with it. VIN number: 0F05M127376 The car can be seen in Warsaw's Żoliborz district. Link to photos and documents: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1lt8gX0Qw7L6hLRpMa-DL79-GXmNrTsQk?usp=sharing

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