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1955' Ford Perfect

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Body: Sedan
Age: 67 years
Mileage: 104000 km
Displacement: 1172 cc
Exterior color: Beige

Ford Prefect 100E.

National in impeccable condition.

Completely revised by Wildmotors.

Restoration of great detail and quality.

Some unusual extras from the period.

Rare, especially in this state.

Original Blaupunkt phone.

Original leather upholstery.

“In 1953, a new Prefect model appears, completely different in every respect, the 100E. New bodywork, new engine, although with the same displacement, had a 20% increase in power, new interiors, in short, a totally different car. Bearing in mind that World War II had ended just 8 years ago, they performed very well, with over 100,500 cars sold. Nowadays, they are rare in very good condition”

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