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1974' Jaguar E-Type

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  • 1974 Jaguar E-Type in Georgia
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Mileage: 111090 km
Transmission: Automatic
Exterior color: Red

Finished in Signal Red, seats trimmed in Black Connolly Leather with Black Wilton Wool carpeting and Black hood (top).This motorcar not only looks and drives great but offers all of the options one would expect in a sports touring classic.It is a matching numbers 1974 Jaguar e-type came to us the first time from one of the officers of the North Georgia Jaguar Club. During his ownership he did an excellent job at both maintaining and documenting the car. The V12 Jaguars are superb cars once they have been sorted out. We did much of the work on this car.Unfortunately for Jaguar, USA regulations during the early 1970s dictated 5 MPH impact bumpers and a series of emission control equipment. These cars were never designed with those requirements in mind and to meet regulations compromises had to be made. In 1974 that meant very ugly rubber bumpers and complex emission add-ons that both reduced engine power and increased the running temperature. In Europe the e-type continued to be made with its original small bumpers and without the emission add-ons. This car has been returned to the specifications its designers intended. Gone are the ugly bumpers and the complexity of the emission system.This car looks and drives excellent! The paint is very nice with a deep luster. There are a few paint stress cracks near the gas and trunk lids. Personally I would leave them as is. Wire wheels are as new and so are the tires. Interior and canvas soft top were replaced a few years ago and are still in excellent condition. The car has air conditioner which works well. Clock works. The car has automatic transmission which I really like on the V12 e-type. I generally prefer manual shift cars but for the V12 e-type I make an exception. I have owned several manual shift V12 e-type and find the automatics better cars to drive. Dont believe me .... just drive this e-type and you will be convinced.

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  • Georgia
  • 9 June 2021