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1954' MG TF

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Treibstoff: Benzin
Außenfarbe: Braun
Außenseite: Nebelscheinwerfer, Tonneau Abdeckung

1954 MG TF 1250 LHD Matching numbers
This car was bought from the Beverley Hills Car Club in 2014. The car was in running order but required the paint stripped to restore the flaking paint that had resulted from a cheap respray in the States. All the removable painted parts were subject to a bare metal respray in late 2015. There was virtually no rot on the car except the wooden floors, leatherette, and trim. The latter 2 had suffered badly from the sun. The floors, trim, carpets have all been renewed and professionally fitted. The original disc wheels have been stripped and repainted
Mechanically the clutch box has been replaced… not an easy job on a LHD. Radiator re-cored, carburettors and linkage were rebuilt professionally. All brake parts replaced. Rear shock absorbers replaced. Steering wheel replaced with a spoked version. Many chrome parts have been renewed. The radiator slats were replaced including the hard to find 12 fingered fixings
All new wiring loom professionally replaced including additional fuses/ relays. The car now has rear amber indicating lights. Petrol Pump and Coil replaced. New stainless steel exhaust and 5 Michelin X tyres with very little mileage on them. Genuine Lucas spot and Fog lights
There is a new tonneau cover , the side-screens and the hood frame are serviceable and the hood is in useable condition .
It was MOT’d on the 13th Nov 2019.
There are still a few cosmetic jobs to be done to finish the car and it would benefit from some regular running.
There is a large file of supporting receipts mainly from Brown and Gammons and a number of related literature, workshop manual etc.There are also a set of 5 wire wheels which need refurbished

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  • 18 November 2020