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1926' Chevrolet Superior

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Пробег: 43996 км
Трансмиссия: Ручная

1926 Chevrolet Superior K Panel Delivery The Chevrolet Superior was launched in 1923, manufactured by Chevrolet for four years with a different series per year. This chassis was shared with other GM products at the time, including Cadillac, Buick, Oldsmobile, Oakland and GMC products, introducing the A-body, B-body and C-body. This policy of sharing mechanicals across multiple brands led to the General Motors Companion Make Program in the 1920s. Imagine yourself in 1926 tooling around the dirt roads of Illinois peddling your milk or other goods from your farm to the public. Chevrolet offers up this consignment in the form of a Superior K series enclosed delivery truck. Shes nicely aged, and seemingly original with plenty of years of use and age on her, but no invasive rust. This long wheelbase big box truck with its dual sliding side doors made in and out a breeze for many stops. Harkening back to a simpler time, this truck was a key tool for the farmer to get his goods into a more populated area. Exterior All rustic black steel panels cover this truck, and most on the back section and roof are reinforced with simple wood slats. Curved fenders and running boards frame the 20 inch wooden spoked wheels wrapped with thin 6.00-20 tires to make slogging through the ever-present mud roads a snap. A cowled hood and a large rectangular box with dual full length swinging doors is the makeup, and it all works. Noted the drivers sliding door is with this truck, but not currently installed. Fenders and running boards have a few areas of rust through, and plenty of dents but all are coated in the paints black paint. Interior Save for the newer seat (old coil spring bench seat is retained), the interior is original. Essentially a wood framed box then covered on the exterior with metal. It appears all original with the floor being fairly dirty but no rot areas seen. Same for the drivers floor which remains solid. The simple dash with its surface rusted gauges, and wood rimmed steering wheel reaching for the driver fronts a newly covered black vinyl bench seat (cushion on wood). Nice shellacked lath forms the roof of the interior and is supported by metal arches. Drivetrain Under the cowled hood lies a 177ci 4 cylinder engine which is fed by a 1-barrel carburetor and moves the truck with a 3-speed manual transmission. All original under the cowls. We turned the engine over by hand but did not attempt to start it. Undercarriage Some surface rust, but overall solid. Just a bit of rotting underneath on some wood flooring and pieces open to the elements. Leaf spring suspension iOS all around, and mechanical drum brakes are on the rear. A well preserved survivor original truck with a big box back. Door to door delivery never looked so good...fresh milk! NO TITLE-SOLD ON A BILL OF SALE ONLY Please note, this vehicle does not come with a battery.

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  • Pennsylvania
  • 13 января 2021