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1957' Mercedes-Benz 190 Sl

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Body: Convertible
Mileage: 4147 km
Displacement: 1897 cc
Exterior color: Grey


The Mercedes-Benz 190 SL (W121) is a two-door luxury roadster produced by Mercedes-Benz between May 1955 and February 1963. Internally referred to as the W121 (BII or B2), it was first shown in prototype at the New York 1954 Auto Show, and was available with an optional removable hardtop. The 190 SL presented an attractive and more affordable alternative to the exclusive Mercedes-Benz 300 SL, sharing its basic styling, engineering, detailing and fully independent suspension. Both cars had double arms at the front and swivel axles at the rear. Instead of the 300 SL's expensive W198 tubular space frame, the 190 SL's R121 frame used a reduced unit floor modified from the W121's base saloon. The 190 SL was powered by a new SOHC Type M121 BII 1.9 L inline four-cylinder, slightly super-square, 105 hp (77 kW; 104 hp) engine. Based on the 300 SL's six in-line cylinders, it had an unchanged 85mm bore and 4.3mm reduced 83.6mm stroke, was equipped with twin choke carburetors, and produced 120hp (89kW; 122PS ) gross. In out-of-tune form, it was later used in the W120 180 and W121 190 models. The car was available as a convertible with a soft top (initially priced at DM 16,500 / US$3,998 [4] ) or with a removable hard top (DM 17,650) / $4,295). A small transverse seat for a third passenger was optional. During the early years, the 190 SL was available as a sports racing model with a small perspex breeze and spartan leather-clad clamshell seats and aluminum doors. In 1959, the hardtop rear window was enlarged. In 1956, some six-cylinder prototypes were built for testing. A 190SL with a unique engine, using the 300SL block, squeezed into the engine compartment with a unique blend of Benz-bin parts was entered in the 1956 Alpine Rally, but production costs would be prohibitive. Two other prototypes, equipped with M180 220SE engines with fuel injection, were named W127 / 220SL. . On April 12, 1957, the MB board decided to build the W127, 220SL six-cylinder alongside the 190SL, but production challenges delayed manufacturing until it was surpassed by the 230SL 'Pagoda'. Both the 190 SL and 300 SL were replaced by the Mercedes-Benz 230SL in 1963. Mercedes-Benz did not announce what the abbreviation "SL" meant when the car was launched.

Technical data Mercedes-Benz 190 SL

Produced: 1955-1963

Engine: Inline 4-cylinder engine (four stroke), front mounted

Diameter x stroke: 85 mm x 83.6 mm

Displacement: 1897 cc

Maximum Power rpm: 105 PS (77 kW; 104 HP) 5700

Maximum Torque rpm: 142 N⋅m (105 lb⋅ft) 3200

Compression rate: 8.5: 1, as of 09/59 8.8: 1

Fuel supply: two double cylinder side carburetors

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