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1958' Volkswagen Garbus

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Published 15 March 2024ID: MtZ4ev

Information from the owner

Age: 66 years
Mileage: 79644 km
Displacement: 1192 cc
Transmission: Manual
Exterior color: Red

Seller's comments about 1958' Volkswagen Garbus

I am selling a 1958 Beetle. The car was imported from Germany in 1978 from the first owner. Then it was driven by a priest, who used this vehicle as his only source of transport. The car was blue at that time. Its further history is the sale to a professional friend (also a priest) who invested all his resources in it (general overhaul of the engine, replacement of the gearbox), including changing its color to red (a unique metallic finish).
I have been the happy owner of this car for 4 years. I use the Beetle for family picnics outside the city. I use it recreationally in spring and summer. The car is garaged.
List of investments carried out and elements mentioned since 2020:
1. Change oil, filters and fluids
2. Braking system (complete repair):
- Front: cylinders, brake pads and drums
- Rear: cylinders, boring new tubes.
3. Renovation of the landing gear plus replacement of sheet metal under the "plane"
4. VARTA battery
5. Window lifting mechanism (driver)
6. Speedometer cable
7. BOSCH candles (set)
8. Speed ​​and carburetor adjustment
9. BOSCH 12V starter
10. Ignition insert with a set of keys
11. Engine overhaul (correcting pins, eliminating looseness)
12. Master cylinder
13. Repair of bottom sills/chassis (bodywork/maintenance)
Total cost TOTAL: PLN 10,211
I have receipts and invoices for the above expenses. All original parts purchased at garbusy.pl. I have the original book by W. Jeżewski "I drive a 1978 Volskwagen".
Below is a short video of the engine running

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