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1939' Alfa Romeo 6C

1939' Alfa Romeo 6C photo #1
1939' Alfa Romeo 6C photo #2
1939' Alfa Romeo 6C photo #3
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Body: Sports Car
Age: 85 years

ALFA was established in 1910 in Milan and transformed into Alfa Romeo in 1920 under the ownership of Nicola Romeo. Over the subsequent two decades, the company garnered a formidable reputation for its sports and race cars that extended well beyond Italy’s borders. Despite their modest 2, 300-cc displacement, Alfa’s supercharged inline 8-cylinder cars from the early 1930s are widely regarded as the world’s first “supercars.”
However, an automobile manufacturer can seldom sustain itself solely by producing sports cars. In 1934, Alfa introduced the 6-cylinder 2300, targeting a different clientele. This model would serve as Alfa’s mainstay for nearly 20 years. The chassis evolved, incorporating independent suspension. In 1939, just before the outbreak of World War II, Alfa Romeo unveiled the 6C 2500 as the third series of Vittorio Jano’s legendary 6-cylinder Alfa Romeos.
Bridging the gap between the pre- and post-war eras, Alfa Romeo’s 6C 2500 upgraded the engine to 2, 500 cc, offered in “Turismo,” “Sport,” or “Super Sport” tune. The latter boasted over 110 horsepower, capable of speeds exceeding 165 km/ h and culminating in the track-ready Tipo 256 with 120 horsepower.
The Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 Sport we present features exquisite Cabriolet bodywork in the style of Touring Superleggera, as seen on some cars in 1939. Recently, the car underwent a complete restoration using original Alfa Romeo parts and bears a 1939 registration in the EU.
Remarkably, our car’s engine originates from a very early 6C 2500 Coupé Speciale delivered in February 1940 to famous racing driver Giuseppe Farina of Torino. The original 6C 2500 gearbox is equipped with a rare floor shift.
This represents a unique opportunity to acquire a highly coveted prewar Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 with a “Touring” body, recognized in the Registro 6C 2500.
An immaculate and rare Alfa Romeo meticulously restored with all the period-correct parts and details. A distinguished prewar automobile that allows you to participate in the great events of the classic car world.

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