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1955' BMW Isetta

6 photos
Age: 67 years
Mileage: 16446 km
Displacement: 2470 cc
Fuel: Petrol
Transmission: Manual
Exterior color: Yellow

Its prototype was Italian, it was called Iso Isetta and was built in 1953-55. When the emissary of the German concern discovered this model at the Geneva motor show, the Germans said - we need it! A license was purchased, the micro car was equipped with a BMW motorcycle engine and production began on a large scale, being the perfect complement to the existing motorcycles and the luxurious BMW 501, called the "Baroque Angel". In post-war Europe, such cars were very popular - they provided more comfort than a motorcycle, and passengers received shelter in case of rain. The Isetta had an interesting design with a door connected to the windshield, hinged together with the steering column and giving free access to the cabin for two people. The vehicle was four-wheeled, produced until 1962 in the amount of 161,728 units. More vehicles of this type were created only by Goggomobil, and the BMW Isetta is considered one of the symbols of the rapid reconstruction of Germany after 1945, i.e. the so-called Economic Miracle. This example is a very interesting specimen from the first production series, distinguished by fixed triangular windows in the front part and a panoramic rear window. It was rebuilt from a screw and looks great. Its colors and even registration numbers reflect exactly the example that can be found on permanent display at the BMW Museum in Munich.BMW Isetta 250

Year: 1955

Capacity: 247cc

Fuel type: gasoline

Manual gearbox

Power: 12 HP

Price: EUR 55,000

Very rare and valued by collectors "bubble windows" version.

The car after a major renovation, rebuilt from scratch.

It is a reproduction of a copy from the BMW Museum in Munich.

In the photo with boards that are replicas of the above-mentioned one copy, although the car is already registered in Poland with individual plates P7 ISETA.

The car has documentation - photos from the renovation, the expert's opinion confirm the uniqueness of the copy.

City: Środa Wielkopolska

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  • Poland
  • 24 November 2022
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