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1952' Chevrolet Deluxe

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Published 13 May 2024ID: EwC93N

Information from the owner

Body: Sedan
Age: 72 years
Mileage: 33890 km
Displacement: 3547 cc
Transmission: Manual

Seller's comments about 1952' Chevrolet Deluxe

Our company TOP AUTO proudly presents the Chevrolet ordered in 1952 by the Polish government. This car was found after almost 30 years of parking in a garage on Mokotowska Street, in the center of Warsaw. In 2013, the editors of Classicauto Magazine made an absolutely extraordinary discovery in one of the Warsaw garages in the very center of the city, at ul. Mokotowska. There was a Chevrolet from the early 1950s, preserved in good condition. Additionally, this copy, which is very valuable in such cases, had its full "Warsaw" history, carefully written down. As it quickly turned out, it was a vehicle used in the highest circles of power of the Polish People's Republic - first in the structures of BOR, and later in the Central Committee of the Polish United Workers' Party. Even after being immobilized for many years, Chevrolet remained close to the world of politics, because the back wall of the garage in which it was located is also the fence of the US Embassy. In this metaphorical way, the car remained in close proximity to the country of its origin. The very beginning of Chevrolet's history is not fully known. It is known that it belonged to a tranche of cars officially imported for the needs of the Polish post-war government. The oldest document, the delivery and acceptance protocol, is dated June 4, 1959. Then the Chevrolet was donated by Department V of the Government Protection Bureau to the needs of the Central Committee of the Polish United Workers' Party. Chevrolet Deluxe cars, called "Democrats", were government cars since the turn of the 1940s and 1950s and can be seen in many photos from that period. "De Lux" - as it was persistently described in government and party documents, only remained in service in the Central Committee. two years. American cars, even though they were extremely comfortable, were a symbol of rotten American imperialism, all manifestations of which had to be condemned. In 1956, the Volga GAZ-21 appeared, which, among other things, was an impulse to replace the American-French fleet of machines (Chevrolets, Citroëns BL) with only valid cars manufactured in the USSR. More or less used cars were sent to tenders organized by the previous owners. The same happened with the "De-Lux". On June 7, 1961, an open tender took place in the Central Committee, during which this Chevrolet was sold, and the new owner paid for it a considerable amount of PLN 53,150. From that moment on, the car had full ownership history until it was immobilized. From the summer of 1971, the car remained in the same hands. The new owner didn't drive it to work - his hairdresser was located no more than 300 meters from the Chevrolet garage. Nevertheless, he had to use it quite intensively. The odometer shows over 33,000 miles. km, it should be assumed that it is about 233 thousand. km. In the garage, in addition to consumables, rectifiers and tools, many generators, starters and many heads for a six-cylinder engine were found with the vehicle. Currently, the Chevrolet is preserved in good condition, but not in accordance with its original configuration. It will be up to the new owner to choose a complete mechanical and bodywork overhaul and return to its original condition, or to keep the Chevrolet in its current condition, which proves its history. The latest evidence of third party liability insurance that was found comes from 1986 - probably soon after, the Chevrolet moved permanently to the garage at street Mokotowska and did not leave it for the next 27 years. SUCH A CAR IS WORTH HAVING!!!

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